Multiplication Table System

Times Tables System 2020 onwards…

It is vital that children are fluent with multiplication facts in order to help them solve mathematical problems accurately and confidently. Following feedback from both children and staff and whole school CPD on fluency, we have reviewed and simplified our Times Tables testing system to promote success for all children in developing this key multiplication skill.

Year Group Expectations (by the end of the year)

Year Group

Times Tables


2, 5, 10


3, 4, 8


6, 7, 9, 11, 12 and mixed

Five & Six

Consolidation by means of weekly low stakes testing

The National Curriculum specifies that pupils should fluently recall the multiplication tables up to and including 12 × 12 by the end of year 4. Schools in England are required to administer an online multiplication tables check (MTC) to year 4 pupils. This happens in the Summer term of Year 4 each year.

Award System

In line with the MTC and national curriculum, the award system will focus on multiplication facts only, with the expectation that related division facts are included as part of the high-quality teaching of the maths curriculum.  The system is designed to be successfully completed by all children by the end of year four.

The times table system consists of five stages with each test being a timed, 5-minute test, with 72 questions to answer within this time.  This will allow teachers to easily administer multiple stages across their class.  Children will need to achieve 100% before they can move to the next stage.

Our assessment systems have been developed to allow teachers to enter the score for each test which will allow each team  to see where an individual child is making progress and where early support and intervention is needed if their progress has stalled. 

As this system is designed to be completed by the end of year four, the expectation is that times tables fluency will be consolidated in years 5 and 6 by the use of weekly, low stakes testing.  Teachers are to decide upon the format which suits their cohorts best, but evidence of this practice should be recorded in maths books.  Children who have not yet completed the system should of course continue to be taught and tested until they have.

Each successfully completed stage will be accompanied by 6 house points and a badge that can be purchased from the school office for £1 with the exception of the final mixed stage which will be awarded in a celebration assembly in recognition of the child’s accomplishment.

Times Tables Tests




Time Allocation


72 questions

2, 5, 10 multiplication facts in and out of order

Certificate and red badge

6 House Points

Total = 5 minutes



72 questions

3, 4, 8 multiplication facts in and out of order

Certificate and orange badge

6 House Points

Total = 5 minutes



72 questions

6, 7, 9 multiplication facts in and out of order

Certificate and purple badge

6 House Points

Total = 5 minutes



72 questions

11 and 12 multiplication facts in and out of order

Certificate and silver badge

6 House Points

Total = 5 minutes



72 mixed multiplication facts

Certificate and gold badge (awarded in assembly)

6 House Points

Total = 5 minutes




Testing will continue to happen at the end of each term.  Of course, if a child would like to take a test before that time then their teacher will allow them to do so, time permitting.

Developing Fluency

Times tables can be supported by parents/carers at home and should be encouraged. This will ensure the importance of learning times tables is enhanced and its profile is raised within school. In addition, it will encourage fluidity throughout school. We recommend using the following apps and websites:

• TT Rockstars (all children in Year 2-6 have a log in)


• Maths Rockx EDU - Times Tables!

• Squeebles Times Tables 2

• Hit the Button Maths

• TimesX Multiplication Tester (Times Table Trainer)