Each class work through E-safety units of work as part of our inspire curriculum. In addition, we invite 'The Two Johns' to run pupils, staff and parent workshops every two years. The children participate in a range of age appropriate activities to give them more information about how to be safe while using devices.

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Risks Children Face Online (CEOP video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pt-9NI1qCKI

Vodafone’s Digital Parenting helps young people to become more confident and resilient online. Get lots of useful information and advice for your family:



How to set up filters on your home Internet to help prevent age inappropriate content being accessed on devices in your home:


Play Like Share is CEOP's latest video for KS2 pupils - this is a trailer:


This video is aimed at the parents of secondary age pupils, however, research shows that more and more primary children are using and/or owning smart phones and tablets and incidences of inappropriate online use by younger children is therefore also rising: