Year 6 Production

The children of Year 6 were transported to a galaxy far, far away for their end of year production. Called ‘Star Warts’, the story was about Luke Warmwater and his aunt, Daft Ada, who live a lonely life on their secluded space station, Junction 51. But when Princess Nebula's ship crash lands into Luke's bedroom, they soon learn of the evil Umpire and his dark desire to conquer the universe.

Along with Toby Wonky Nosebleed, Zak Solo and Nigel the Nookie, they follow Princess Nebula in her rebellion. Aboard the Millennium Penguin, they whizz warp-speed through the galaxy to the Umpire's High Tower on Planet Wimbledonia. But little do they know, the Umpire is about to strike back!

The children had a great time rehearsing after auditions and put on a spectacular show to the school, parents and governors. Their singing and dance routines were incredible and it was a fitting way to end the school year.