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Year 6 Visit St. Mark's College

On the 3rd of June 6AH, one of the two year six classes at K.S.J.S, went to St. Marks and the activities included orienteering, low ropes course, archery, trampolining and indoor games. What we had to do in orienteering was collect letter cards from around the grounds the words where “ADVENTURE COURSE”.
We also did a low ropes course my favourite bit was the pulley were you had stand on a wobbly rope and pull our selves along on the pulley it was wicked. The archery was awesome it was really good fun and the tutor was cool too. Then we did trampolining it was wicked we did seat drops, pike jump, straddle jump and tuck jump. The indoor games where: roll the ball in the hole, carry a fake bucket of acid with ropes Stack the blocks and mega Jenga blind folded. We had great fun all day.
By Tom C.