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Year 6 visit Hatfield Forest

On Wednesday 30th of May, the whole of year 6 visited Hatfield Forest for a day of team-building and orienteering.

Once we had arrived, we sat on some (bumpy) logs and ate our snacks while the group leader and organiser showed us what was planned.

We started the day by doing some team-building exercises which involved a scavenger hunt - we here we even found a geo-cash (Mr Hull was VERY happy!) It also involved rescuing a duck from evil wizards (some of it was fictional) we had lots of fun working together as a team. However, the fun had only just begun…

We then sat down to eat our lunch- most of us were very hungry! After lunch, we started orienteering- most of got lost on the way back to base!

Overall, we all had an amazing day and were disappointed when it was time to leave.

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