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Year 6 visit France

On Friday 20th June, Year 6 made a visit to Boulogne. It was the first year Year 6 at Katherine Semar had made this trip, and there was a lot of excitement at the prospect of going. Even the early start couldn't dampen the good mood that was evident throughout the trip.

The ride to Dover was good, as was the ferry crossing. Bizarrely, we bumped into SWCHS students, many of whom went to KSJ, on their way to Germany for the weekend.

The coach took us to Auchan, a French supermarket, where we teamed up to buy lunch. We commented that food tasted better in France as we ate our lunch by the ramparts in Boulogne. After a brief shopping trip in the old city, we drove to Pain Show, a pancake shop, where we flipped pancakes before eating them.


Before long it was time to make our way back home. Eating our dinner on the ferry took time, before we split into two parties. Some went to the deck to enjoy the sea breeze, others went shopping.

We arrived back at school at 10:15pm, tired, but happy.


Enjoy the photos below.

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