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Year 6 Trip to RAF Duxford

On Thursday 1st October, Year 6 went to Duxford Imperial War Museum for a school trip to learn about our topic on World War II. We all arrived at 8.30am and got ready to leave.

But we unfortunately we couldn't get round to watching 5MJ's class assembly, because we had to go at 9.30am.

We all went on the coach and went to Duxford Imperial War Museum. Year 6 got there at about 10.00am and Mr. Hull literally ran and got the tickets. We all waited on the bus for Mr. Hull to come back.

6AH and 6NL both had different routes to go to.

Both classes put their coats and bags in the Eating Area and went to see the aeroplanes inside the Air Space area.

Mr Hull said 'We'll go on the actual Concorde plane at the end of the day'.

After we went to the Learning Area where we'd sit down on a chair and watch a short documentary called 'If War Comes' and looked at several pictures of the war. We also had lots of fun and laughter filled the room when we tried on some outfits!

Eventually after that, we had a toilet break and went outside to have our snacks.

After that 6AH went to The Land Warfare Hall to look at the tanks during World War I and II.

Then we went back to the Air Space area to have our lunch.

After we went to Hangar 4 and we were given a sheet with four pages about the Battle Of Britain. I have to say it was so hard to find the Hurricane aeroplane!

Eventually, we went on the Concorde in the Air Space area. I have to say again it was TINY!!!!! Mr. Hull could barely fit in! It wasn't as big as it looked like! It looked HUGE on the outside but such little inside!

After that we went on the bus back home.


By Joseph R. 6AH


On Thursday 1st October 2009 Yr 6 went to RAF Duxford as a part of their
History topic World War 2.

When we arrived at Duxford we took our bags to the lunch room in the Air
Space. After we dropped of our bags we got to look at the aeroplanes from
World War 1 and 2, they were amazing! While we were in the Air Space we
got called into a room were we saw a film about 'If war should come.' Also
we saw pictures, clothes, food and ration coupons.

Next we went into the Tanks museum were there were tanks, trucks,
buildings all from World War 1 and 2! It was fantastic to see the
artefacts. We also got to try on the helmets and hold the guns.

Then after the long walk back to the lunch room we had our lunch it was

After Lunch we went to Hangar four, I thought it was the best bit! We got
given a work sheet by Mr. Hull we had to find the things/people in the
museum and write down the answers to the questions.

I have learnt a lot of things from the trip to Duxford such as the
difference between Messerschmitt and a Hurricane and many more.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Duxford enjoyed Duxford thank you to Mr Hull
and Mr Lloyd for arranging it.

By Alice H