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Year 6 residential to York - Day 1

Thank you to everyone for getting to school at the right time this morning. The coach was a few minutes later than we expected but we still made good time, arriving at Whitby just before midday.

The weathermen were right and it wasn't raining in Whitby, which was a real bonus. We ate our lunch in the bandstand by the sea and then spent a few minutes on the beach. Unfortunately the Captain of the Endeavour, the ship that was to take us out to sea, cancelled the trip as the gale force winds meant the sea was far too rough. We will see what we can do in York to try to make up for this gap in our day.

The walk through Whitby was beautiful and the 199 steps up to the abbey was a test of fitness for all!


The abbey was as rugged and beautiful as usual and the children explored the visitor centre.


Once back on the coach we made good time as we crossed the moors to York. The hotel has had a major refit and is even more plush than last year.

Dinner was sausages and mash, followed by Brownies and ice cream.

The late night quiz was won by Eli, Joe and Jonah, with 50 out of a possible 57.

The children have all gone to bed, and quietness reigns.


Please enjoy the photos.