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Year 6 perform 'The Big Sing'

On Wednesday 30th March, 52 Year 6 pupils took part in this year's Big Sing concert. There were around 200 primary school pupils from KSJS, Dame Bradbury's, Great Chesterford, Stanley Drapkin and St. Mary's and in addition to them, the Intermediate and Chamber choirs from the High School (both of which contained former KSJS pupils) also performed.

Rehearsal for the evening concert began at 7pm and the concert didn't finish until 9:15 pm and this was after some pupils had been in sports tournaments and done all their homework!! If pupils were tired, you wouldn't know from the performance. Every single member of Year 6 that turned up did themselves proud. The Katherine Semar pupils sang with enthusiasm, expression and discipline and weren't even put off when Mr. Lloyd was roped into directing the Primary Schools section with Mrs. Wheeler and Mrs. Patterson.

Our school had many reasons to be proud that evening. On top of the excellent choral singing, we also had three pupils selected to sing solos. Isabella opened a song by herself, singing clearly and beautifully in front of an audience of hundreds and she was joined by the Cameron and Jessica for the next verse and again in another song. However, the biggest cheer of the night may have been reserved for when three couples of KSJS pupils, elegantly dressed in suits and gowns, waltzed gracefully while one of the songs was sang.

Many, many pupils and parents said how much they enjoyed the performance. Mr. Lloyd expressed his gratitude to Mrs. Gypps for her excellent choreography and left the concert exhausted, entertained and brimming with pride. Please enjoy the photos.

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