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Year 6 Mountain Launch

Year 6 launched their Spring topic ‘On Top of the World’ with a visit from experienced mountaineer, Adrian Hall. We learned mountain survival skills and had the chance to look at specialist equipment. The children were fascinated and asked many intelligent questions. Here are some of their comments.

Charlie- I found it interesting how much equipment you need just to climb one mountain in a day.
Thomas – I found it interesting that you could see the Sahara desert from the top of The Atlas Mountains.
Joe- I found it interesting how much equipment you can fit into small spaces
Anna – I found it interesting that there were cold mountains in Africa
Jake – You have to set off during the night while going up a snowy mountain so you have time to reach the summit during the day.
Alex- I liked seeing that all of his food was in packets and all you had to do was add boiling water.
Lucas- I found the ice axe interesting because it could do so many different things and it saved you having to bring so many different tools.
Shelby- I liked hearing about the number of mountains that Mr Hall climbed
Charlie- I found it fascinating to hear that he has been climbing mountains since he was our age.
Zeynep – I like hearing about the St Bernard rescue dogs.
Alec – I found it amazing to hear that Ben Nevis has two sides to climb, one you can push a buggy up and one you have to climb using ropes.
Luke – I thought it was amazing that just a piece of rope was all that kept him from falling off a cliff.
Holly- I found it amazing when he demonstrated putting nuts into the rock and they wouldn’t come out if you fell.

All of year six said that they felt inspired to climb a mountain after listening to Mr Hall.