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Year 6 complete their Slipper day

On Tuesday 22nd March, Year 6 enjoyed a whole day of Design & Technology. The project was to produce a prototype slipper and, having completed initial designs last week, the pupils had collected materials and were raring to get started.

The manufacturing process involved working with a range of materials - card, fleece, cotton wool and a range of fabrics - as pupils attempted to match their finished product with the aim of their designs. Although many aspects of the project were challenging, everyone enjoyed learning new skills, such as sewing, using new tools and equipment and solving any problems that they had not anticipated.

A really interesting part was the evaluation at the end of the day. During this session, the pupils thought about what went well and what they would change - for example a simpler design or use of materials with which they could work more easily - if they repeated the project.

Please enjoy the photos of the day as much as Year 6 enjoyed taking part in it!