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Year 5 visit 'Victorian' Audley End

On Friday 30th September, a very hot day, 5JD walked down to Audley End House. We were dressed in Victorian clothes and were very excited about going. When we finally got there, we quickly ate our snack. Next we split into groups, one group went off for a tour of the scullery and the other group did jobs that maids and footmen did. Then we swapped around. Eventually we had lunch. (Toby S 5JD)


In the afternoon the children took turns to have a tour of Audley End House. The children were lucky enough to be taken up to the very top floor of the house (where the public do not generally get to visit) to see the servants quarters. This was an excellent opportunity for the children to compare the lifestyles of rich Victorians with the lifestyles of the poor. The children also enjoyed a walk around the kitchen gardens and stable yard of the house – despite the very hot temperatures!


Exhausted but happy, the children made the long, hot walk back to school – thank you children for not giving up in the heat! A wonderful day was had by all. Thank you to Mrs Graham (Ethel), Mr Warwick (George) and Mrs Howett (Martha) who came along on our class trip to help us.

(Mrs Deller 5JD)