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Year 5 visit the Cambridge Botanical Gardens

As part of our Topic work on the Rainforests, the Year 5 children and staff recently enjoyed a visit to the Cambridge Botanical Gardens.

During the day, the children took part in a variety of workshops and were able to develop their understanding of the types of wildlife that can be found in the rainforests of the world. The children enjoyed a tour of the gardens and were amazed to discover a tree that the experts explained was around at the same time as the dinosaurs! (Yes – a tree even older than the teachers!). 

Later in the day, the children had the opportunity to compare a desert environment to the rainforest and sketch some fascinating cacti. A tour of the ‘Rainforest room’ was a real highlight of the day. The children were able to see a wide range of tropical rainforest plants and appreciate the climate of the rainforest. We all had a great day and learnt a great deal about the beauty and the importance of the rainforest.