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Year 5 visit the Botanic Gardens

On Thursday 22nd March, 5JD (Mrs Deller’s class) went by bus to Cambridge Botanical Gardens. We arrived at 10am and spent the morning split into three groups doing different activities.

The first activity taught us all about the journey of the cocoa bean to becoming a bar of chocolate. We tasted three different types of chocolate (90%, 70% and chilli!), they were all delicious. After that, we went for a walk to collect interesting pieces of nature from the gardens. Finally, we went into the tropical rainforest glass house – it was very hot and steamy!

While we had our picnic lunch, the golden sun shone down on us all. Although it was very hot, we still had enough energy after lunch to measure the girth of some of the largest trees. The largest girth we found was 7metres, 43cms. We were also able to do some sketching.

When it was time to go home, we were all hugely disappointed that our wonderful day had come to an end.


Zoe K.