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Year 5 - Kessingland Residential

Year 5 - Kessingland Residential - 20th - 22nd May 2009


After setting off at 8.30pm, we arrived at Southwold where we stopped for drink and snack and went along the pier. We arrived at Kessingland at 12.30pm and before we knew it we were busy making our beds in our chalets and then were off to our first activity. The instructors got us into our groups and we were soon either completing initiative exercises, shooting arrows or following the blind trail. On Wednesday evening, after a fish and chip supper, we were again busy competing in the 'it's knock-out challenge.' 
We were in bed not long after 9pm and were soon asleep - we were all exhausted! 

The teachers got us up early on Thursday and after a hearty breakfast we continued with our rotation of activities, only everybody got to climb the climbing wall. On Thursday evening we completed a run around quiz before a earlier bedtime - we were even more tired! 

On Friday morning, we completed our last activity, before waving goodbye to the instructors and heading back to school. 

The children all reported that they had learned a lot about themselves, about teamwork and about how to look after themselves. 

The teachers received several reports from members of the public and from the instructors on how well behaved everyone was - the trip was a real success - Mr. Johnson and Mrs Sheil were very proud of all the year 5 pupils.

Mr. Johnson and Mrs Sheil would like to also say a big thank you to Mrs Graham who accompanied us on the trip and to Mrs Stearn who was an invaluable member of the team with her outstanding organisation of medicines and first aid and also for encouraging everyone to have a great time.