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Year 5 Kessingland Residential

Year 5 Kessingland Educational Visit


Year 5 went wild and wet during their 3 day residential to Kessingland, in Suffolk. Their activities based visit proved a huge success.

Read the children's reports of their residential visit and click on the photographs to super size them.


 At KESSINGLAND people said that it was brilliant and people liked the Blind trail the most because you got really muddy and wet.

We stayed in a chalet at JCA.

Our activities were Rock climbing, Fencing, Archery, Blind trail, Orienteering, Group quizzes and Group competitions.

We went to the shop for 5 minutes and brought some sweets and toys.

When the instructors shouted “Are you ready?” you  shout “We were born ready aagh!”.

 Jack C and David C.



 We really enjoyed Kessingland it was fun. We did climbing we tried to climb with a blind fold on which was hard. We did a blind trail and we all got very wet and muddy. Archery was difficult. Fencing was hard the foil was quite heavy. Everyone said that the suits looked like chef outfits. Orienteering was good to search the place and we had to find letters on blocks of wood. The evening activities were really good. They really tested our team work. The chalets were nice and big, the beds were comfy. The JCA staff were kind and funny they really gave us support for everything.

From Madie and Louise       

I really enjoyed the trip to Kessingland. The chalet was really nice because there was 2 bedrooms. 
The front room was nice because the sofas were comfy and the wallpaper was nice, the beds 
were also comfy. I slept really well. My favourite activity was the blind trail because we got really 
muddy and we went through a muddy puddle. The reason I didn't like it was because I was cold 
and I couldn't get my clothes off. The food was delicous, my favourite meal was the last breakfast 
of egg, bacon, sausage and beans. Thank you for taking us.

Daniel W

Our Kessingland Report
We went rock climbing. Quite a few people hit the buzzer. Lots of people were cheering the person 
nearest the top. Then we went to a place called the blind trail, it was all filthy and muddy but we 
didn't know because we had blind folded with goggles on. It seemed really long but when we took off 
our goggles it looked really short. (Everyone got really muddy ) 
Then we did archery. It was very hard to get a bullseye. Lots of people hit the target but didn't get a bullseye.
Then it was tea. For our tea we had a burger, chips, pizza and ketchup. Then we played a game with 
our teams. We named Mr. Wallace’s team was Blue Bears, Mr Lloyd’s was Red Lions and Mrs Sheil's team
 was the Black Rats. After that we all went back to our chalets, Ellie, Megan and I were talking up to 
eleven o'clock .The next morning was Friday we had a fry up for breakfast . Then we did fencing. 
Luckily there were buttons on the end otherwise we could have hurt each other really badly. 
My group did maths problems next
Then we did Orienteering me and Oakleigh didn't find any of the letters we had to find ! Me and 
Oakleigh got stung by stinging nettles and we had to sit down for five minutes. Then all of us had to go back 
to our chalets to get ready for lunch. We had a bag with a piece of fruit, ham or cheese sandwich, chomp, 
a packet of crisps and a drink of orange juice . Then we went to the shop I got a magnet, a ball and 
some sweets. 
Then the coach arrived and then we watched Ratatouille on the way back. Then we arrived in the school 
at 2:31. We had to get our bags and go into the hall where we played until our parents arrived to collect us.
By Jade and Ellie

Kessingland is an exciting home for just one of the fabulous JCA sites. It has an activity field for many of the amazing activities we got to do, like the horribly muddy blind trail, archery and initiative exercises. Other activities such as:



Rock climbing,

Run around quiz,

It’s a knock out and

Team challenge, were held outside on the green or in the Seasiders' Hall.

We stayed in chalets in groups of 4 or 5. They were clean, tidy and the staff were friendly. In the morning we had to be ready for breakfast by 8:00. We experienced a series of activities that we hadn’t yet completed. On the way back to K.S.J.S the coach driver allowed us to watch Ratouille on his portable DVD player, what a treat!

Over all it was a very successful trip and everyone that went had a brilliant time. We are very thankful to all the teachers that spent their time going on the trip.

 Hayley I and Megan J




On the 11th of June 2008 year 5 of K.S.J.S went on a three day residential trip to Kessingland in Suffolk. The camp we stayed at was a JCA activity park. The main five activities that we did were fencing, archery, climbing orienteering and blind trail. We also did evening quizzes and got back to our 2 room chalets at about 9pm. Our chalets also had their own bathrooms as well as their 2 bedrooms and four or five beds. My favourite activity was probably the blind trail. In the blind trail we were blind folded and we had to go around a course following a rope that led us through puddles and mud. Unfortunately our instructor poured water all over our heads, then on the way back to get washed she hosed us down! Overall the staff was really nice and I think we ALL really enjoyed it! I know I did!

 Brody T




I absolutely enjoyed the residential to Kessingland. The food was good. The 1st night we had sausage casserole and the 2nd night we had pizza & chips. For dessert we had chocolate cake. We also did awesome activities such as archery, climbing, orienteering, fencing and blind trail.

Joshua R


Kessingland was wicked because there were loads of cool things to do.
Rock climbing was cool and the blind trail were wicked and fencing was 
cool and archery was wicked and the food was cool and the chalets were 
From Harley



I thought Kessingland was great because it was good fun and there were
loads of activities! Fencing was really good and I liked learning how to
challenge someone to a duel (slapping them round the face with a
Rock climbing was really good but the pebbles were sooooooo slippy!
The chalets were really nice and the blind trail was really cool we
got so muddy!

Rachel H



I enjoyed Blind trail and Fencing because I won every match in Fencing
and I loved getting mucky. I thought the food was okay

Bailey R 

My favourite part of Kessingland was the rock climbing and the blind trail
because on the blind trail was sticky, muddy and mucky.
And the rock climbing was good fun and cool. I was so excited about it.
All the activities were fun but these were my favourites.

Laila Z