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Year 5 Gunpowder Mills

On Wednesday 7th October, Year 5, all dressed up as Victorian children, visited Gunpowder Mills. We split into classes and throughout the day experienced four different aspects of Victorian childhood.
Holidays we learnt, we very rare (one day a year if you were poor) and if you were lucky you got to have a penny lick (one lick of ice-cream –from a special container used all day without being washed). 
Imagination was essential for games and we discovered that some of the games we have today are based on Victorian games.
In the workhouse we realised how tough and unrelenting life was- 11 hours work with pennies taken off for slight mistakes. 
We also, of course, learnt in a Victorian classroom and had to follow strict rules. Two children were given the dunce cap to wear for mistakes and Ms Wilcox was caned three times for drawing on her slate!