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Year 4 - Wicken House Residential Visit

January 2008

Please enjoy our recounts of our three day visit to Wicken House.

Our Trip To Wicken house


On the 16 January year 4 went to Wicken House.

When we got there we met a lady called Jackie. We took our wellies on to go on a nature walk. We found nuts seeds leaves and had to find signs showing animals and insects.

Later we made dens with logs twigs and leaves. We were a girl team. Meanwhile other people played on the grass.

We had dinner then went to bed.

Thursday we went on a long walk through Arkesden and muddy fields.

It took about 3 hours! The weather gradually got wetter and colder and windier. At the top of one hill we could see Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire.

After lunch we made paper with Sarah. Then we did weaving with different types of paper. With Jackie we made a pyramid structures out of wooden sticks.

We had chicken for dinner, later some people watched Lassie.

Friday as it was raining, we did orienteering indoors. We finished our weaving.

After lunch we played in the dungeons for the last time.


By Evie



Wicken House


Wed- When we got to Wicken House I was in shock by how big the house was! And that wasn’t the only thing. The other thing was how many stairs the girls had to climb.

We had to take our bags upstairs then we all had a drink and snack and to stop everyone wondering who they were sleeping with so we got told who we were sleeping with.

The first thing we did was a nature walk then on the way back we played on the Astroturf and to fill our tummies, we had lunch: jacket potatoes and baguettes.

 When we had finished our lunch we were split into two groups. My group went walking and balancing on logs.

Next we played a game called the human mangle! That was fun! Then we made our ways through tangled wires. We had to move through the wires without touching the wire – We had to pretend it was electrified.

Then we had snack and a drink. Before we started the next activity we swapped over leaders and we made dens. We were role playing and my group were orphans and warriors. We had been outside all day as the weather was so good,

We only came in because it was dark – and nearly time for tea! Finally we got to play in the dungeons. This was reallypopular. Then we said goodnight and I went upstairs with Alice and Georgina.


Thurs – We started with a mini bus ride to Arkesden, and we looked at a church there. We walked through the village.

Next  we started a three mile walk and that was when the fun began! We walked through muddy, squelchy, oozy, muddy fields. I liked it because I fell in a muddy puddle! But on the other hand it was cold, wet, and it was blowing a gale!

When we got back we got changed into dry, clean clothes then we had hot dogs that warmed everyone up. When we were ready we did paper weaving and we even made coloured paper.

We were getting hungry so time for tea! We went to the dungeons or we could watch Lassie, then for the last time we said good night.

Fri- Me, Alice and Georgina woke up early so we started to get ready and pack, we still had time to strip our beds and the spare bed, then we went down to breakfast.

After breakfast it was time for the rest of year 4 to pack, as we had already packed we sat in our room and waited till it was time to come down. We then did material weaving while others did compass work.

Finally we had our last meal and before you knew it we were off!


By Bethany Kitchener

Wicken House recount


Wednesday: We went to Wicken House (some of us)


First we went on a nature walk and we had to find some posts.

The posts had pictures on them so we had to draw them. One minute later we had a snack. Afterwards half of us went onto the Adventure equipment while the other half of us where making dens. A few minutes later we swapped over. When we

Went back in we played in the dungeons. Half an hour later it was bed time. I was roommates with Sam, Nathan, Jack and Joel. We were in room 4. I couldn’t sleep!


Thursday: the long day

First we went on a long walk through a town and across a muddy field. When we got back it was lunch time. After lunch we did paper weaving.

At same time some of us were making paper. Meanwhile the last few people were making pyramids out of canes. We all had a chance to do each thing. But before we did the second activity we had a snack.

When we had finished our second activity it was tea time. Five minutes after tea we could chose if we wanted to watch the DVD lassie or if we wanted to play in the dungeons. I chose both. 1 minute I was watching the DVD and the next I was in the dungeons. Finally it was bed time. I was wondering if I would get a bit of sleep. I still had no sleep at all.

Friday: The last day

When everyone else got up Mr Wallace knocked on our door at 8:00am so we packed up and got dressed and waited.

At 8:30am we went down into the lounge. When everyone came into the lounge we went into the dining hall and had breakfast.

Half an hour after breakfast we did some more weaving but this time we did it with different materials.

After a while we went into the dungeons for the last time. Oh I forgot to mention the dungeons are a place to relax. The equipment in the dungeons were a pool table, a ping pong table and a table football stadium.

At 1:30pm it was lunch time straight after lunch we went upstairs to get our bags. We brought our bags down stairs and put them in the main hall way.

Mr Wallace put our bags on the coach and we went on it we had a safe trip back. J


By Reece and Jack and a bit of help from Sam