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Year 4 visit to Bhaketivedanta Manor

On 27 November, Year 4 visited Bhaketivedanta Manor. As it is near Watford, we had to be at school at 8am.

Once we got to Bhaktivedanta Manor and met Indriyesha, who runs the temple, we divided into three groups to view the grounds. We saw the greenhouses, the George Harrison memorial garden and the wormery. A highlight was riding to the cattle sheds on the ox carts. The oxen were enormous! Some of us were allowed to drive the carts too. We also noticed that there was a primary school there.

Just as we were about to go inside the house, we saw a mini bus being loaded up with cool boxes and fresh vegetables. This was some of the 800 meals that Bhaktivedanta Manor sends daily up to London to feed homeless and needy people. As the food is vegetarian and organic, almost anyone is able to eat it.

The outside of the house is mock-Tudor but the inside is amazing! We all took off our shoes and went upstairs into a beautiful large room where Indriyesha talked to us and then some of us dressed up and we acted out a little play. As Patsy and James play the cornet at school, they got to blow a conch shell. After our drama, we had the chance to dress up: the girls in saris and the boys as warriors.

We had to quickly pack up and go downstairs as, to our surprise, it was lunchtime already. We went into a beautiful room and saw an amazing sight of the shrine to Krishna. There was lots of gold and lights and candles. There were members of the public there too and the children from their school. Then a bell rang and the curtains in front of the shrine closed; now it was our lunch time. We could have vegetable curry, basmati rice, crisps, bread and chips. Some of us decided the chips were the best chips we had eaten for ages! We also decided that we liked curry after all. Also we could have as many helpings of any of the food as we liked!! For dessert, we could have a huge cookie and organic orange juice.

There was just time to go to the gift shop and have our face painted and then we got back on the coach to go home. It was a long day but we agreed that we would love to go again!