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Year 4 Visit Bhaktivedanta Manor

My recount of Year 4's trip to Bhaktivedanta Manor

On Friday 27th September, we all came to school early because we had to go on our double decker coach to Bhaktivedanta Manor. When we got there, we went to a shrine room where our guide Indreysha told us a bit about Hinduism. Afterwards, he showed us how he prayed. It was called puja.

Then we went on a cart pulled by two oxen and a kind lady showed us the new cow stables. When we went back inside, the girls went upstairs to dress up in saris while the boys dressed as warriors. When we came down, we went into their ceremony and we saw the big shrine and it was really beautiful.

We had lunch and I really liked the pooris. Then we went to have our faces painted but I didn’t have my face painted because we did not have time although people with face paint looked very nice indeed.

After that, we went down to the shop before we went back to the coach. My partner was Sophie Hall. We had a great time but we were happy to be going back!

by Carla J 4JA


Friday 27th September: Year 4 visit Bhaktivedanta Manor

We all got on the bus at 8:32am and it took one and a half hours but the traffic was good so we got there at there at five past ten. It wasn’t much of a temple on the outside but on the inside it was a whole different story! I was absolutely astonished by the sight!

After that, we got to dress up which was fun. I got to dress up as a warrior with a sword which was even more fun! And then came the best bit which was when we went into the Hindu assembly which is a very special assembly about the god. After that it was lunch which was a relief because I was very hungry. It was delicious! Believe it or not, I had seven plates (mainly because it is supposed to make you more intelligent). Then it was time to go to the gift shop. I bought a wooden flute then it was time to go home.

by Thomas F 4JA

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