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Year 4 visit Bhaktivedanta Manor

On Friday 30th November, Year 4 went to Bhaktivedanta Manor.  It was exciting when we realised we got to go on a double-decker bus. It was a long journey and some children fell asleep but finally we got there.  These really kind people brought us in and they told us to take our shoes off.  We walked into a room and had our drink and a tasty snack.  Then we went upstairs and this man told us about Hinduism.  We walked down the slippery steps and sat down. Then the teachers chose 6 people to dress up as gods and goddesses.  Then everyone dressed up and had their face painted.  We went into a big hall where people pray.  There was a small golden temple with all sorts of gods and goddesses in it.  We had a lovely lunch and we liked everything.  After that we got to go on a cart ride pulled by bulls.  Then we got to see the cows and the bulls.  Next we looked at the plants.  After that we were really sad and said ‘Goodbye’.  Last of all we got onto the bus and drove back to school.
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