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Year 4 residential to Kingswood

Day 2


We have had a phone call from Mrs. Seymour to tell us that the children had a good night and a big breakfast this morning. They are having a fun time in the bright sunshine completing a wide range of activities.


Photos of today will be added this evening or early tomorrow morning.


Day 1


We arrived at West Stowe by 10:30am and after a short film about the Saxons in Stowe, we were off to visit the reconstructed village. We were able to lunch outside before we went in the centre's museum. Then we were back on the coach and on our way to Kingswood!
On arrival at 3:10pm, we were given a tour of the site and told about some of the activities before we were taken to our bedrooms. Dinner of Lasagne or Chicken wraps followed at 5pm and then we were straight into our first activity - quad biking, climbing, low ropes or archery.


After a fire drill at 7:45pm, it was time for our mini-Olympics.
This involved a lot of cheering and laughter and after a hot chocolate drink, we are hoping the children will be sleepy and ready for bed!
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