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Year 4 residential to Holt Hall

Holt Hall day 1



First, we said good bye to our parents and then got on the shiny coach .A few hours later, we played on the green lush grass.

Next, we went to our rooms and unpacked our  lovely clothes. Half an hour later, we ate our delicious home made lunch! 45 minuets later, we went into the forest and made a  pit fall trap (bug trap). 10 minutes later, we collected some things for our ‘green man’. After that, we walked carefully into the art room to make our green man out of clay and leaves.  When we had finished our faces and cleared up, we happily painted our creations. An hour later, we ate our yummy dinner {pizza and wedges!} We then had a choice of playing outside or in the lounge. We played a long game of football on the big field! Others played table tennis, pool or with giant Jenka blocks in the lounge. This was followed by ‘Making The News’ in the ICT room to type this recount! Finally, we went our lovely beds to go to sleep (eventually!).


By Emily G & Poppy P