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Year 4 Fun at Kingswood

Day 2

Another fun-filled day is coming to an end at Kingswood. The children are earning their final hot chocolate of the day by competing in a mini-Olympics session – 2012 here we come!


During the day the children have enjoyed so many different types of activities and have really shown their team building skills. Perhaps the biggest of the day was climbing ‘Jacobs Ladder’. The teachers were less keen!


The children have certainly eaten well and have also had the chance to shop (Miss Walbanke and Mrs. Graham were more keen on this!).


I think we will all sleep well tonight after such a busy day..!  

Day 1

We arrived safely at Kingswood yesterday after a great day out and a picnic lunch at Thetford Forest.

On our arrival at Kingswood, we were welcomed by our team leaders who gave
the children and staff a tour of the site. We were amazed at just how beautiful the
grounds are! After the tour, the children were shown to their rooms and allowed time to unpack.

After a delicious roast dinner, the children worked in two groups. One group enjoyed
shooting Mr. Wallace in a Laser Quest game (Mr. Wallace enjoyed this game as
much as the children!) whilst the other group were challenged with practical problem solving.

Before bed and hot chocolate, the children took part in ‘Scrap Heap Challenge’.

Everyone slept really well after such a fun day and we are just heading back out into
the sunshine (after our full English breakfast) for our first activities of the day..!