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Year 4 compete in Swimathon

On Wednesday 9th February, Katherine Semar Juniors competed in a Year 4 Swimathon. This saw the children compete in teams of 8-10 against children from other schools. The aim was to swim as many widths as possible in 20 minutes. Below are some of the children's recounts:

"On Wednesday 9th February 2011, 4AW went to an amazing Swimathon. It was only 20 minutes but everyone enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the swimathon because although I don't like the deep end, my friends were cheering me and made me more happy. I especially enjoyed it because I got to go swimming on my birthday. I enjoyed it so much I didn't want to leave." By Bradley S.

"It was a very fun afternoon. We were against two other schools. My team got 84. The other scores were 51 for team B and 45 for team C. I enjoyed the swimathon because we had alot of fun and it was a really good afternoon." By Archie W.

"The swimathon was very good. There were 2 other schools there: St Thomas More and Chrishall. Team A got 84 widths, Team B got 51 widths and Team C got 45 widths. Overall we swam 180 widths!" By Nathan A.
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