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Year 3’s class assembly

assembly. As the assembly got started, the adults got comfortable. Firstly, they talked about going to the library a [work shop]. While they were at the library, they used ‘Where’s that book!’ and they told a full detailed, amazing recount which had punctuation and the checklist throughout.  


Next they did a short, but detailed play about littering. Not only did they send the message through that it’s bad to litter, but they did an outstanding job of acting. The play was about children that went into the woods, with a chipmunk watching them, and then the chipmunk caught the boy littering. The boy and all the children learnt their lesson.


The year 3s cleverly made letters out of nature from outside. And also came up with a sentence from all of the letters.


Then they took pictures of how they made: people; robots; flowers and lots more. They were all partnered up to do this activity.


Lastly, they sang a song called ‘The Plant Song,’ accompanied by Mrs Wheeler (piano). The song was sung with smiles on their faces. The song was about seeds growing and trees living.


All in all the assembly was extremely good… Mr, Hull gave a little speech saying how good it was and all the adults applauded. WOW!


   By Shannon Saxton and Fleur Garcia



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