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Year 3 Visit local churches

On Tuesday 3rd and Thursday 5th November, 3CW braved the rainy conditions and embarked on two trips into Saffron Walden to compare two very different Christian churches; the New Life Church and St Mary’s church.


In the New Life church, we were amazed at how modern it looked with its electric guitars and drum kits replacing the traditional organ. We were also astonished to discover a games room with disco lights and a sports hall!


When our tour was complete, we listened to an interesting talk by a member of the church who described some of the clubs that the church puts on for the community during the week. We were also lucky enough to be able to explore the empty baptismal pool. After that, we completed a worksheet about what we had learnt at the church and had a few refreshments.



In St Mary’s, we were stunned at the size of it! The decorations, engravings and colourful stained glass windows were beautiful! On our tour of the church, we were shown all the main features of the church that we had been studying in class.


When our tour was complete, we split into 4 groups to complete small activities; including a treasure trail of the church, designing our own stained glass window, making a map of the church and partaking in the baptism of a baby doll with Rev Anne. We were also able to climb up into the pulpit to have a great view of the activities going on in the church.


Once we had completed our activities, Rev Anne, dressed in her robes, re-enacted a wedding ceremony for us whereby Lydia and Anton acted as the happy couple.


A great time was had by all on both trips.