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Year 3 visit Colchester Castle

On Thursday 25th November, Year 3 travelled to Colchester Castle as part of our topic on the Romans.


On arrival, we had the opportunity to look around the museum. We saw and felt lots of Roman and Celtic artefacts, as well as this, we made coin rubbings and dressed up in traditional Roman and Celtic clothing.


After exploring the museum, we were sent to the activity room whereby we spent time building a luxurious Roman villa with a hypocaust system (which we soon discovered was an under floor heating system) and a breezy Celtic roundhouse. We were all in agreement that we would much rather live in Roman villa!


After a delicious lunch, we visited the shop and explored the outside of the castle.


Finally, we were taken underneath the castle into the vaults where we were told the exciting story of Boudicca, the queen of Celtic Iceni tribe.


We all had a wonderful day.