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Year 3 trip to Cromer

By Corey and Liam


On Friday 25th September, we went to Cromer because we are learning about the coast. 3CW went with Mrs Callaghan, Miss Willdigg, Mr Lloyd and Mrs Long. We all went on a big white coach, but it was a 2 hour drive!


When we got there, we walked to the Henry Blogg museum and split into 2 groups. The first group looked around the exciting museum whilst the second group acted out the story of the Sepoy shipwreck. After that we swapped over.


Later on 3CW went to the Lifeboat café for lunch. I had chicken nuggets. It was absolutely delicious. After that, we got a freezing ice-cream and went to the beach with it.


Soon after, we split back into our groups and one group went to the shop whilst the other group went to play on the golden, soft sand. I brought a shark grabber, activity book and a pencil.


Next, we walked to the end of the pier to see the lifeboat station. We saw an enormous red, fast lifeboat and asked the man lots of questions that he answered them. I found out that the boat weighs 23 tones!


Finally we walked all the way back to the coach and we drove back to Saffron Walden.


We had a lovely, fun day. Please enjoy our photos.