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Year 3 Topic Launch

Year 3 were working hard on Friday morning when they received a message from the office that there was a case in reception with a post it note on with just the words ‘Year 3’ and would we please come and take it away as it was making the place look untidy! We were mystified! We’re used to lunch boxes, pencil cases and homework as well as swimming and PE kits arriving throughout the day plus musical instruments and music but a suitcase? That was a first!
Of course, nobody claimed it as theirs so we all went into the school hall to investigate… It didn’t belong to any of us so what should we do? Most people wanted to open it straight away but some children were concerned about safety. What could be inside? Would it be safe? After a big discussion about the possible consequences, we decided we would get an adult to open it (in case it was dangerous!).
Inside we found all sorts of things that were all about Australia. Finally, Miss Slade discovered a letter from Jim Kanga asking us to help him make a big decision….
Please enjoy the pictures.