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Year 3 Prehistoric Day

On Thursday 10th November, Year 3 enjoyed a Prehistory Morning when Pippa Smith an archaeologist came with lots of artefacts and information to help us learn more about our topic: Sticks, Stones and Bones.
We created a timeline from the present time all the way back through the Iron Age, Bronze Age, the Neolithic stone age, the Mesolithic stone age and all the way back to the end of the Palaeolithic stone age. If we had wanted to go back to the beginning of Palaeolithic period, the washing line would have had to be taken to Thaxted.
We later looked at a variety of artefacts which we had to try and identify and date. We were told that one of the six artefacts was a replica and we had to try and work out with one it was. The answer was quite surprising! Later on, we had to try to classify artefacts and draw deductions. 
We had a very informative morning and learnt a lot while we had fun. Please enjoy our photos.