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Year 2 Trip to Colchester Zoo 26.2.13

Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful trip Colchester Zoo on Tuesday 26th February. We visited the zoo to find out about African animals as we are learning about Africa.We saw lots of animals: lions, spider monkeys, giraffes, elephants, zebras, rhinos, meerkats and many, many more. We even got to feed the elephants or giraffes!We learned about which parts of Africa they live in, what they eat, what is a threat to them and their babies too. We ended the day with a talk about African animals which will help us when we create our own African Animals non-fiction book.The staff at the zoo said we were very well behaved and kind to the animals by moving around quietly and sensibly.Colchester is quite a long way away and we were all rather tired when we got home – but we all agreed it was worth it!