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Year 2 and Year 3 share a Golden Time.

We are moving towards the time of year where we consider our classes for 2008/9. Although we are based on the same site, our Infant and Junior Schools are independently run. Therefore we have crafted a very successful transitional project to make the transfer of children from the Infant school to the Junior school as smooth as possible.


One of the ways that the school liaise is through a joint Golden Time Session. This allows the children to get to know each other; ready for the Year 2 transition into Year 3 in September.  The Year 3 children have the opportunity to explain to the younger children about the Juniors and some of the Year 2 children get to see inside their new classrooms and meet the teachers who will be teaching them.


Below are a selection of photos of the Golden Time, in which the children select the activities they wish to pursue.