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Year 1 Visit Boydells Farm

Year 1 'landed' their topic Slime, Scales and Fur with a visit to Boydells Farm at Wethersfield last Wednesday.  The children had a very busy day indeed, enjoying meeting a whole range of farmyard animals, including newborn lambs, kids, poultry, a llama, a donkey, ponies and an enormous (but very gentle) Aberdeen Angus bull and his cows; we also met some particularly noisy piglets and a rather bashful sheep dog. 
The children were given the opportunity to milk a cow, feed bottles of milk to lambs, hold goat kids and lambs, examine a whole range of types of eggs and stroke all the creatures.  
Thank you so much to Farmer Kylie and Farmer Roy for giving us such a fantastic time - we even got the chance to re-enact our Billy Goats Gruff story over a stream.  This was a super end to our topic, as we could really see the differences in animal bodies as well as comparing mammals and birds.
If you fancy a good day out at the farm over the holidays, I am sure your children will be more than happy to show you around!
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