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Year 1 Topic Launch

Year 1's Topic Launch:  We are Superheroes

The year 1 classes were most excited to receive a letter from the Captain of the Superheroes, explaining that all the superheroes have forgotten what 'being a superhero' actually means!  Year One of course were more than happy to agree to help!  The children found envelopes with clues in around the playground, and then followed the clues to find ... some superhero capes!  When the children are spotted demonstrating 'superhero qualities' they are getting the chance to wear the capes for a while.  Watch this space for photos of children wearing the capes...

Esme, Bailey and Jaila have all been showing their learning and caring powers, so here they are in their capes!
Rafa, Sevdzhed, Emma and Rosie have all shown super resilience and listening skills.