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Year 1 Gingerbread Houses Feb 16

Both classes in Year One have spent the week baking and decorating a superb fairy tale scene in gingerbread.  Under the talented direction of parent, Catherine Kelly, this is the fifth year of this particular Year 1 project.  
Not only were four houses, gardens and paths produced for Mrs Pig and her three little pigs, but the pigs themselves were made, along with Mr and Mrs Big-Bad-Wolf!  Enough biscuits were made and decorated to be given to all the infants, and for a biscuit sale held the following week.

The Year One children enjoyed smashing and then devouring the fruits of their labours, as you can see from the pictures, and their conversations have been full of delight about the project. 

Many thanks to Mrs Kelly for her time and organisation, as well as to those who have contributed to the project in other ways - whether it be firms who donated ingredients or parent volunteers for helping with the making and decorating (and much hand washing!).