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Y4 visit the Fitzwilliam Museum

On Tuesday 24th January, Year 4 visited the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. The aim of this visit was to support and extend their understanding of the Ancient Egyptians which is the topic that they are understanding. The visit was a great success and all the children thoroughly enjoyed being showed around the museum and looking at the various artefacts - please enjoy their recounts.

'On the 24th January 2012, Year 4 went to Fitzwilliam Museum because we are learning about Egypt. First, we went into three tombs about Ancient Egyptians. We looked for the oldest thing and it was a necklace and a pot. After that, we had our lunch from twelve o'clock to half twelve. Later on, we went into an art gallery and looked around at the pictures. Finally, we went home and I really enjoyed it.'

By Jack M

'On the 24th January 2012, Year 4 travelled by bus to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. When we got there, we sat down at some small tables. Before lunch, we learnt more about Ancient Egypt. After lunch, we were told a story by finding pictures. Then it was time for the gift shop! I bought a hieroglyphs ruler. Then it was time to go home. Everyone had a fun day and I enjoyed it'.

By Samuel 

'On the 24th January, Year 4 went to the Fitzwilliam Museum. We started with a big talk about Ancient Egypt. After that, we had a look around the fascinating rooms. A few minutes later, we all went to have our delicious lunch in a small room. Soon after that, we explored the art gallery and drew pictures of our favourite painting. Later on, we all got on the coach and drove back to school where our parents picked us up and then we all went home.'

By Holly 

'On the 24th of January, we went on a trip to the exciting Fitzwilliam Museum. It was amazing and we were all really excited, especially me. When we got there, I was astonished and excited. After that, we were exploring the museum so we could know more about the Ancient Egyptians - it was awesome. Then we went into the lunch hall to have lunch. After that, Mr Wallace took us to the art gallery and then we played a really fun game. Finally, we went on the coach and went back to Katherine Semar Junior School.'

By Harry 

'On the 24th January 2012, Year 4 explored the Fitzwilliam Museum. Firstly, we unpacked and hung our coats and bags. 4JA were group B and 4AW were group A. Next, we went to three large rooms and learnt about Ancient Egypt. The lady was called Nicola. She told us that the cover of a coffin was broken in Ancient Egypt by two thieves who stole all the treasure from the tomb. After that, we explored the two other rooms. A couple of minutes later, we ate our lunch scrumptious lunch. Then, we went to the art gallery. Mr. Wallace read us a story and we had to find the right painting to go with the phrase of the story. After we had finished, we drew pictures or our favourite painting. We walked down the stairs, put our coats on, picked up our bags and set off to school.'

By Malwina

'On the 24th of January, Year 4 went on a trip to the Fitzwilliam Museum. First of all, 4AW walked silently to the Ancient Egyptian rooms. A woman showed us the three different rooms. After that, everyone had lunch. 4JA had their lunch thirty minutes before us because they had a shorter activity. Finally, we did an activity where they told us a story and we had to find the right paintings. At the end we got back on the bus and drove back to the school.'

By Miles

'On the 24th January, Year 4 classes went to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. We got on the coach at 9:15am and we arrived at 10:00am. Next, we went inside the museum to put our coats and lunchboxes away and we went upstairs. When we were upstairs, we all sat down with a lovely lady called Nicola. She showed us a lid of a tombstone and then set us off to look in three rooms all full of Ancient Egyptians things. Me and Malwina went round and looked at all the things and found them very interesting. Meanwhile, we had our lunch and then set off to the art gallery in room 25. We were told a story of a little boy named Jan. Then, we had to find the pictures related to the story and later, we had to draw a painting in the art gallery. Finally, we went on the coach and went to school. I want to thank the teachers and museum people for supporting us.

By Sophie