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Wildlife Area

Mr Vinson has worked very hard preparing this lovely area for us - putting in log piles, bird boxes, mini ponds and lots of planting.  We can't wait to see what plants and creatures we will see.  Not to mention some exciting art projects ahead, inspired by nature.

We are starting to take care of the area by refilling our bird feeders, filling up the birdbaths, and litter picking with Mrs Cass.  More pictures to come soon!

May 2014 in the Wildlife Garden

May 2013 in the Wildlife Garden

Year 2 have been making maps of the wildlife area and identifying all of the different habitats that there are.  We found log piles, stones and pebbles, ponds, trees, bushes, bark and soil.

Winter in the Wildlife Garden


January 2013

It's snowy in our winter wildlife garden We can't see much at all !

Summer in the Wildlife Garden

The insects and birds have been delighted with the wonderful flowers and weeds that have sprung up in our wildlife garden, thanks to the combination of sun and lots of rain !!

Our children have all visited the wildlife garden, when weather has permitted!  We have hunted for minibeasts, looked carefully at the plants and produced some lovely drawings inspired by what we have seen.

The highlight of our science work in this half term was when we released our painted lady butterflies into the peace of the wildlife garden.


We had watched them develop from tiny caterpillars and finally waved goodbye to them as they fluttered high into the trees.




April 2012


The Year 2 classes were lucky enough to have a sunny afternoon for their minibeast hunt in our fantastic Wildlife Area.


We searched in log piles, leaves, in bark and under trees, and used our excellent observational skills to identify lots of different creatures.


Can you see some of the equipment we used in our hunt?



March 2012
We hope you enjoy these pictures of our time as "nature detectives".


Miss Slade's class have been visiting the wildlife area looking for signs of Spring!


There was lots to see including  sticky buds, daffodils and  even some ladybirds were appearing  in the warmer weather.