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What a load of rubbish!

On Thursday 20th May 2010, Cat Auckland visited 3CW to talk about recycling. Having studied recycling within our environment topic, 3CW were able to show off their knowledge and ask interesting questions about recycling within Saffron Walden.


As Cat was giving her enjoyable talk, 3CW found out some interesting facts. Did you know that people in the UK produce enough rubbish to fill a swimming pool every 90 minutes! We also found out the aeroplanes and cars can be made out of recycled aluminium cans.


When the slide show had finished, we had a recycling relay in the classroom which involved sorting rubbish (from a mini landfill site made in the classroom) into the different recycling bins in our teams.


Following that, Cat showed us some objects that had been made out of recycled materials. Her handbag was made from an old car number plate and a tractor tyre and her fleecy jumper was made out of 25 large plastic bottles. Not only did she show us these, but she gave us each a pencil made out of recycled CD cases.


Although 3CW knew a bit about recycling, we all learnt a lot more and enjoyed the workshop.

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