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Tom and the Trolls 25.3.13

This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from a fabulous storyteller who told the tale of Tom and the Trolls.  He brought with him some fantastic giant Troll friends who helped him to tell his story.  We followed Tom on an adventure through a swamp where he met his new friends.  Unfortunately, his new friends weren't always nice to him and it made Tom very sad.  Luckily Tom told his sad secret to the Chief Troll who was extremely kind and helped the other Trolls to see how sad they were making Tom. 

They all worked together to find ways to be kind to Tom and the story had a really happy ending.  We were all really glad that Tom told someone about his sad secret and agreed that if anything was ever making us sad or worried, we would tell an adult we could trust so that they could help us to make it better, just like Tom and the Chief.  We all learned a lot from the story and had a fabulous time listening to the tale.