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Thrones and unique chairs!

Most of the Year 5 children went to Kessingland for a three day residential. For those who stayed behind, there was a three day Art and Design project waiting for them! After two days, the chairs were almost finished and what a make over they had received! From Sponge Bob to Darth Vader, there was also a shark, cat, squirrel and a pampered pooch. Jessica and Alice had even made Mr Hull the throne he requested!

As Mrs Savill-Owen (the creative director for the project) pointed out, these are one off originals and priceless. They have been promised to Ace Club - a fantastic gift!


Planning stages. Every child decided what they would create.


Deep in thought... Mrs. Savill-Owen had made a Frog chair to inspire the children.


The creations are started.


The old yellow chairs from the Art room would soon be transformed.


Everyone worked together..


Taking a rest...


The finished product... Darth Vader Chair!


Monster Chair!


Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water...


Sponge Bob Chair Pants...


Cat Chair...


The throne Mr. Hull had requested!!!


Puppy Chair!


Mrs. Savill-Owen ran Year 5 for the three days...