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Theatre Active

On Thursday 21st February 2008, Theatre Active, a theatre company based in Harlow, visited Katherine Semar Junior school to deliver a performance on the facts surrounding bullying.

Children from a number of local schools attended the performances which provided a forum to promote debate and dialogue about the sensitive and complex issue of bullying.

A short, rehearsed play between four very different characters was taken to a moment of unresolved conflict and the action was stopped. The audience were split into groups and each of the actors went to their own group of the audience to ask for advice for their character on what to do and say next.

 Collectively, the audience became both the directors of the play and the ‘brains’ of the actors. They stopped the action at any time to update their character's advice, trying out alternative behaviours, exploring what choices there might be in the real world, linking action with consequences but above all, experiencing the chance to stand (safely) in someone else’s shoes.

The Year 6 children went back to class having thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and were able to continue the discussion of the ideas raised during the play.

Katherine Semar Junior School will be hosting the Theatre company again on the 28th February, so that children from other local schools can benefit.