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On Friday the 9th of March, most school councillors went to Stansted Mountfitchet for a conference.


We were all put in different groups such as: purple voice, blue voice and green voice! - We all had a great time as we had different workshops every forty minutes! In ascending order the activates (this is my group, group 3!)


Firstly, we went to a table with children from all different schools and sat down to begin our work! A lovely lady-who was from Essex wildlife trust showed us what to do, we had to make a nesting ring. A nesting ring is practically a twig of willow (very bendy types made into a ring and covered in bits of sheep fur; hay and wool. The whole point of the ring was so birds can take things from the ring and it will help to make their nest nice and warm!


After that, we went on our next exiting activity which was how to solve tricky and easy dilemmas. The lovely lady gave us a little bag filled with easy and hard dilemmas to put in order from really bad ones to not so bad ones. It was really fun as she told us whether we thought that it was major or not!


As we walked behind the big stage, we saw the classroom we were going to work in next. The next activity was about observation and knowing how to behave and how to treat your teacher. It was really good and it had good information about how to behave in class and how to treat your teacher with respect!



After that, we had our delicious lunch that our kind parents kindly packed for us. Finally, we left Stansted Mountfitchet School and came back to school on our Mini bus! We had a lovely day and would like to thank Mrs Taylor and Mr Warwick for kindly taking us and thank you to the bus driver for taking us!


By: Poppy P.




On 09-03-2012 some selected School Councillors went to a Student Voice Conference at Stansted Mountfitchet School. We went there to discuss and try some new activities.


My group started the day off by creating a base of a birds nest to hang up and help the birds build their nests! There were 3 materials to build with: straw, wool and sheep skin. We had 40 minutes to complete this task and everyone succeeded.



Our next task was to sort out some problems in a list of how bad they are.


Our last task of the day was to go the classroom behind the stage to Mr Clarke’s room to discuss ‘Blue group’ teaching and learning objectives. We watched a play on the whiteboard labelled ‘Woman in black’ and wrote the teachers teaching objectives and the learning that was happening. Then we talked about the play and wrote down some observing ideas. After one hour and a half of that task, we had some lovely lunch and then left for our own school.


I would like to thank Mrs Taylor and Mr Warwick for looking after us on the outstanding trip and the bus driver for taking us.


By Elliott Richardson.!!!