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On Wednesday 29th February, Katherine Semar embraced the spirit of the day by doing something different and took part in their Sports Hall Athletics festival. 16 pupils were selected, 8 boys and 8 girls, who competed in 6 field events and 6 track events all under one roof. There were field events such as: javelin, standing triple jump and speed bounce and track events such as: an obstacle race, various relays and an over and under race.

All the children competed in the field events with the races providing a thrilling climax to an excellent afternoon of sport. All of the children competed superbly and thoroughly enjoyed the variety of the events. There were some outstanding individual performances to mention with Charlotte winning the chest push and Marta and Zuzanna winning both their relay races.

Overall Katherine Semar finished a respectable 3rd out of 8 teams and are now looking forward to the main athletics festival at Helena Romanes School on Wednesday 27th June. 

1st - Dame Bradbury's 168 pts
2nd - R A Butler 139 pts
3rd - Katherine Semar 129 pts
4th - St Thomas More 121 pts
5th - Radwinter 94 pts
6th - Friends School 78 pts
7th - Gt Sampford 77 pts
8th - Ashdon 74 pts
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