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Sports Hall Athletic

On Wednesday 23rd of January 2013 Katherine Semar Junior school years 5 and 6 competed in the sports hall athletics at Dame B’s


There were five other schools including RAB, St. Thomas Moore, Radwinter, Friends and of course Dame B’s, 


First were the field events for the girls there was vertical jump,

 Triple jump, standing long jump, chest push and speed bounce. Harriet and Elena did so well so did all the other girls in their field events. Kayleigh and Eleanor did the vertical jump. Faith and Malwina did the triple jump.


Secondly it was the boys turn for the field events Archie and Liam did the vertical jump they came first and second. Anton and Jayden did the speed bounce and Anton came joint first he got 41 on his first attempt and 46 in his second knowing that he had 20 seconds to do it. Nathan and Toby did the triple jump and Miles did chest push Matt and Fraser did the standing long jump.


Then it was the races first it was the girls obstacle course the girls did very well and got a magnificent 3rd.  Then it was the boys turn to do the obstacle course we came 3rd.  1 by 1 race for the girls and we got an unlucky 4th and then it was the boys turn to do it and we came 3rd then it was 2 by2 relay the girls came 4th and Nathan and Matt did it for the boys A and they came 3rd and Miles and Bradley Jones came 1st and many more races we did very well in.


We would like to thank dame b’s mini bus driver, for driving us there and back, Mrs Deller, Mr Hull and Mrs Boyle for supporting us.  

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