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Snowmen pictures!

Snow and Snowman pictures from KSJ
Monday 2nd February 2009


Mr. Hull and his daughter, Ellie, made this Santa snowman before 9am!


Jack in Year 4's smiley snowman!


Semar snowmen!


Patsy's slim snowman!


Snuggly snowman!


Suzanna's schoolgirl snowgirl!


Semar Snowgirl!


Scarved Snowman!


Snazzy Snowman!


Swimming snowman!


Swimming snowman!


Swimming snowman!


Sinking snowman!


Sweater-wearing Snowman! by Oakleigh and Zack


Stocky Snowman!


Sizeable Snowman!


Sledging Snowman!


Saving-a-goal Snowman! - Oliver (Y5)


Stoney-eyed Snowman!


Ski-hat snowman!


Snowman and Son!


Smart Snowman!


Sporty Snowman! - by Danielle


No, Miss. Ruoff. That is NOT a snowman!!!


School-boy Snowman!


Short-nosed Snowman!


Stick-arms Snowman!


Segmented Snowman!


Sun-hat Snowman!


Shorty Snowman!


Sitting Snowman! - Katie (Year 4)


Seated Snowman! - Katie


Stylish Snowman!


Snowy Snowman! - Rachel (Y6)


Snowy Shelter!


Smashing Snowman!


Suave Snowman!


Smoking Snowman!


Swanky Snowman!


70's Snowman!


Sphinx Snowman!


Stick-arm Snowman!


Shod Snowgirl!


Snowbob Squareman!


Sweater Snowman!


Snow-cave Snowman!


Skinny Snowman!


Shades Snowman!


$ Snowman!


Solid Snowman!