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Ships Ahoy!

On a very windy Friday 24th September 2010, Year 3 enjoyed a day out at the seaside in Cromer.


After a long coach journey the children were all very excited and in our fluorescent yellow, high-visual jackets, we battled our way along the promenade against some very strong winds!


On arrival at the Henry Blogg museum we split into 2 groups to make the most of what was in store for us. Here, we learnt about, and re-enacted the famous Sepoy shipwreck and rescue that made Henry Blogg one of the most recognised coxswains of his time. The story goes that after battling with the nasty conditions, Henry Blogg and his crew rescued the crew of a barge in trouble just off the Cromer coastline, after the failed attempts of other lifeboat teams. Henry Blogg was a very brave man has helped to rescue over 800 lives during his service in the mid 20th century.


We also had the opportunity to look around the museum full of artefacts from the time and interactive activities.


Next, a hot lunch was enjoyed at the local lifeboat café.


After our delicious lunch, we visited the lifeboat station where the lifeboat manager gave us an interesting talk about lifeboats that are used nowadays. We also got to watch a video showing us a lifeboat being launched. It looked very fun!


Finally, we had the chance to purchase a souvenir to remind us of our fantastic day before heading home.