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Shepreth Animal Visit 22.5.12

Pete and Gem came to show us some of the animals from Shepreth Wildlife Park.
By James Torrance

First Gem showed us a stick insect called Woody.  Woody is very good at camouflaging on sticks and trees because he looks just like one!
By Rosie Ellis

The second one was Shelly the African snail.  He was the biggest snail I have ever seen.
By Lewis Marsh

Flower the skunk was albino, pure white and if she sprays on your clothes you can't wear them even if you wash them a hundred times.  It won't work!  If it sprays on your skin you have to sit in a baked bean bath for three hours!
By Katie Moore

I felt really happy when they came to visit.  I felt grateful because to get animals into cages and transfer them to the school there's nothing else I can ask!
By Megan Sansom