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Science Week at the Junior School

We have had a busy week in the Junior school this week. The children were thoroughly entertained and educated by Science Boffin Martin during assembly. Following on from this, each class took part in a workshop entitled ‘States of Matter’ during which they made ice cream using dry ice and observed many experiments using the dry-ice.  The children were engaged and interested and many impressed Science Boffin Martin with their questioning and scientific knowledge.
We have also been fortunate enough to host a number of workshops planned and carried out by some of our wonderful parents. In Year 3, the children have investigated handwashing, become germ detectives and viewed cells under a microscope courtesy of Mrs Wright and Mrs Staudt.  Mrs Mannion also visited and led the children in a session on chromatography. 
Year 4 have become code breakers and also used microscopes courtesy of Mrs Staudt.
Year 5 have made slime with Ms Lochhead and had the opportunity to learn about life as a scientist. 
Year 6 have extracted DNA from strawberries and kiwi fruit courtesy of Ms Jansen, Mrs Massie and Ursula from Illumina, a scientific technology company involved in genetics. They have also taken part in our very own fossil show alongside year 3.

It has been such a joy to see the wonder and joy on the children’s faces as they have experienced such a wealth of scientific activities. We would like to pass on our thanks to those parents who gave up their time to share their love of science with our pupils and also pass on our thanks to the Wellcome trust – Sanger Institute and Illumina for their support and resources.