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SATs - Frequently asked Questions

What are SATs?


SATs are a number of tests in Writing, Reading, Maths and Science that the children take towards the end of Year 6.
The tests normally take place in the second week of May.
The tests cover all the units of work in the curriculum that the children have studied over their four years at Katherine Semar Junior School.

Every Year 6 child across the country take these compulsory tests and the results are published.

Key Stage 2 SATS Tests 2009 (for all pupils who will be in Year 6 in May 2009) Monday 11th May - Friday 15th May



What's in the tests?


There are two tests, each last 45 minutes. The children are asked a range of questions in the areas of: Physical processes, Living things and Materials.



The children take a 20 word spelling test then write a short piece of writing (they only get 20 minutes!) The type of writing isn't known, so the children may write a play; a newspaper article; a formal or informal letter; a recount; a set of instructions; a diary entry; an argument or a discussion; a chronological or non chronological report
The children then write a longer piece of writing (they have 45 minutes for this test.) Again, the type of writing is unknown prior to the test.
The children's punctuation; spellings; handwriting; sentence structure and composition and effect are judged.



The children are given 15 minutes to ready a booklet. This contains different sections and usually includes a contents page; an extract from a book; a poem and an information text.
The children are then given 45 minutes to answer approximately 30 questions based on the reading test. They include some multiple choice questions; some where the children simply recount some of the text; and that demand that the children infer and deduce information and explain about the structure of the text.


The children sit three maths papers. The first is mental maths. The children listen to a CD and are asked 20 questions. They have between 5 and 15 seconds to work out and write down the answers.
Paper A - is a 45 minute paper with approximately 30 questions. The children are tested on their ability in number.
Paper B - is also a 45 minute paper with approximately 30 questions. The children are tested on shape and space and handling data. They are also given some tougher number questions, but may use a calculator to solve them.


The results

The educational expectation is that children should reach Level 4 in all three subjects, by the end of Year 6. Nationally, approximately 80% of children achieve this benchmark. A smaller percentage of children, who do exceedingly well, can score a Level 5.

Our results at Katherine Semar are substantially above the national averages. Parents are given their child's results in the summer term.


What happens if your child is ill or you have a family emergency?


If it is unavoidable that your child misses the tests then you must contact the school immediately on 01799 521120. Please check the dates of your child's SATs before booking a family holiday so your child doesn't miss them.


What happens to the results of the tests?


The SATs are not 'pass' or 'fail' tests. They are used to check your child's progress during their school career. The results of the tests are passed on your your child's secondary school to inform them of your child's next learning targets. They are an indication of what your child is good at and where they may need extra support. The results are also used by the government to see how schools are performing locally and nationally.


How can I support my child during the tests?


The tests ask questions that test skills that your child has learnt during their four years at Katherine Semar. The best way you can support your child is to read daily with your child; take an interest in their learning and the topics they are studying and support the school in terms of homework, discipline and communication.